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Termite Mound, Arnhem Land

Harry Brockwell is a Melbourne didgeridoo player and maker, who has studied with well-known didge players and visited Arnhem land in order to hone his didge-making skills. Genuine termite-bored Australian hardwood is meticulously hand-carved and decorated to produce performance-quality didgeridoos in a range of keys.  Each is the fruit of many hours of careful shaping of the interior, exterior, mouthpiece and bell to improve sound quality.  The exterior of each instrument is decorated in a unique and distinctive style.  Where appropriate, the exterior may also be left bare to expose the natural  beauty of the timber, or left untouched for the ultimate natural look. Mouthpieces are finished in natural bee’s wax or shaped from the existing timber.    A range of styles and lengths, including rare root bell models, are carefully crafted for ease of performance and rich quality sound.  Each of these didgeridoos is also a work of art which will enhance any decor. Click on Shop to see our current didges or here for Our new CD